Thursday, July 15, 2010

I saw it happen...

This morning I was up early and did some early morning online shoe shopping. I purchased 4 pairs and can't wait to get them. I am still waiting for two pairs that I bought on ebay from some store in studio city. According to them they shipped on the 6th. Which means I should have received them the latest the 8th or 9th. However, nothing. Their delivery conformation still says electronic info received. I am not happy with these people at all and will most likely give a neutral or even a negative feedback to them. I am also waiting for a pair I ordered on Tuesday plus one last pre-order. I can't wait to get them all!

Today I was talked into going to the small water park. It sounded good as the temps were ridiculously HOT. While there a thunderstorm started in the distance. I had a good view of the hills and mountains. All of a sudden I see a huge lightning bolt hit a hill and a few minutes later I see flames. The flames got bigger and I could see them spread quickly. They made everyone get out of the pool while the thunderstorm raged on and I decided now was good a time as any to just head home.

This water park is about a 20-25 minute drive (depending on traffic and on lights)the entire drive home was a bit scary as the winds picked up and they Sky's got grey. I was dodging tree branches and even patio umbrellas and shades. They were flying out of peoples back yards!

I was glad to finally get home and go indoors where not only did I feel safe, but OMG the A/C was glorious. I went up to take a quick shower and that's when I noticed the sun burn. Oh, it's a bad one. Aloe is my friend at the moment.

This heat and my sunburn has changed my mind about heading to DL tomorrow. We were supposed to meet some friends there but I have already let them know we wont be showing up after all. We have decided to go on Sunday or possibly Monday instead.

Okay, I am off to spread some more aloe on my shoulders. Ouch.

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