Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm sicky.

Oh wow. Last night before bed I gave in and took some Nyquil. It took me a while to fall asleep and had he tv volume up all the way (at least it seemed like that to me). Well I finally got up and out of bed at 2pm. I was awaken a few times during the morning but I would always fall back asleep within seconds. I am still not fully awake but here I am on the couch waiting for kick off on the vikes and saints game. I really hope my Vikes win but I have this deep deep deep sinking feeling that the Saints will win it. I really hope I am wrong.

I hope brings home some pizza when he gets home from fishing. Domino's for me. Yup yup. I like Domino's. Is good. I like pizza Hut as well but I don't like their pizza Mia pizzas. Way too much sauce on those. ugh.

Okay national anthems being sung, so time for me to go.

*update* Well my Vikes lost just as I thought. *Sadness* But at least did bring home some Domino's Pizza. Yum yum.

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