Friday, January 1, 2010

Oh Rodarte for Target, why do you elude me?

I have been wanting to check out the Rodarte line at Target for the past ten days. Actually since I first saw the line in magazines over the summer. I have not been fortunate enough to have seen the whole collection in person though. I went the day of the release but they hadn't put it out yet. By the time I went back they had sold out completely. They had nothing!

Now today I went back to Target for a few things and I decided to check the clothing out and there mixed in with some Merona dresses I find the one and only Rodarte dress in the entire store. It was the black lace halter dress. It was a couple sizes bigger than I wanted but I figured I'd get it anyways, I'm sure I can take it in a it with my handy dandy sewing machine. I am still on the search for the grey leopard sequin dress. There are several on eBay but I don't feel like giving those scalpers my moola. I HATE when they do that. It's like when the Wii came out and scalpers had several dozens of them but the stores were bare. I waited thank you very much.

So now I wait and cross my fingers.

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