Thursday, September 2, 2010

I must be Soupa strong : )

Yesterday I decided to wash some dishes by hand. While washing a tall glass I broke it. Not the "oops it slipped" kind of breaking the glass but the "my hand was inside the glass washing it and it broke" kind. I was twisting my wrist washing the inside and "crack!" it breaks, stabbing me in two places. My hand and the sink got all red with my gushing blood. I quickly grabbed some paper towels and they would be soaked in a matter of seconds.

My boys were freaking out and they were running around like chickens with their heads cut off collecting gauze and cloth tape so I could wrap my hand.

After they wrapped my hand (and I looked as if I were a boxer) they relaxed. A couple hours later I figured it was okay to take it off and let the wounds air dry. Big mistake! Blood started gushing again. I decided to wrap it again and just go to Urgent Care. Turns out they were a bit deep so in went some stitches.

Serves me right and I have learned my lesson. I need to leave the dish washing to the machine.

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