Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back from a good weekend.

New shoes, a Packers win against the Vikes, a trip to DL and I got to meet one of the best guitar players in history : )

Sat. we went to DL to celebrate kid 2's b-day. It was a wonderful day to have gone. Perfect weather for a trip to DL, cloudy skys and cool with only a bit of light drizzle here and there. Thanks to that weather the park was nearly empty. We got on all of our favorite rides and by 11 am we'd done it all (and on some rides we even got on twice!) We decided to eat lunch and afterwards we decided to get on the Indy ride one more time. As we were about to get onto the jeeps the ride broke down. So there we were for about 15-20 minutes standing there. They finally decided to evacuate the building and as a peace offering they gave us a fastpass for any ride in the park for up to 6 people.

We decided to head over to CA Adventure and use the pass there. By that time the sun had come out and the crowds were arriving by droves. We ended up using our pass to get on Tower of terror. After that ride and a couple others we were headed towards the silly swings when I spot someone who looked familiar. I tell kid 2, "That guy looks familiar, he looks like Slash." Kid 2 is a HUGE and I do mean HUGE fan of his and he tells me "No, that guy is too dark." I assure him it has to be him.

Curiosity got to him and he took off to find him. He comes back beyond excited and screams "It is him!" He told me he went up to him and asked him if he was Slash and that Slash then chuckled and showed him his tattoos. Kid 2 was disappointed he didn't have a camera with him when he spoke to Slash to have taken a pic with him. So he begged me to go with him and ask Slash for a picture.

We left kid 1 and squishy at the swings and we waited at the exit of the ride he was on. When he came out we asked him for the photograph and he was awesome enough to agree to take a pick with the bday boy. Kid 2 was on cloud 9 for the rest of the day (and he still hasn't come down!!). After a few more rides it was now 4pm and we decided to head home.

Well not HOME, but shopping.I bought two pairs of gorgeous sky high pumps (my specialty)and a gorgeous coat.

Sunday night we went to the Packers club meeting place and watch the nail biting, edge of your seat, I am going bald from pulling my hair out Packers/Vikings game. Last year I was cheering for the Vikes, however after Bretts last stunt I have woken up and again given my whole heart to the Pack. After a miracle, the Packers won and all was well.

So that was my weekend. I hope this next weekend is just as fun. We have a Halloween party to attend on Sat. I love this holiday! Candy and costumes, YAY!


  1. Super cute shoes! Where did you snag those from?

  2. Hi Tiffany. Those booties are called Coktail and they are by Steve Madden (and now on sale for $90!!). Bakers shoes also has some similar ones not only in black but in purple.

    Check out my shoe shopping here:



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