Monday, November 1, 2010

The day after.....

As we all know last night was Halloween. This year I dressed up as a 50's bobby soxer. I have had that costume in my costume boxes (yes, boxes.)for some time now but every year I would skip over it. I finally decided this was the year to wear it.

Kid 1 dressed up as a 50's greaser, Kid 2 as Waldo from where's Waldo and Squishy wanted to be a banana. Yup, a banana.

We went all out the way we do every year and again I could hear the laughing, the screams and the little ones crying that they don't want to complete the long walk to my door.

Every year I get the dozens of grown teenagers that should have stopped trick or treating many years past. It really upsets me because this is a kids holiday and they are there "stealing" the little ones candy. My older boys were told by us that they were now too old to go out for candy and they instead took squishy out to do so.
I don't get it, I feel that if they are old enough to have a girlfriend, a job or a drivers license you have no business trick or treating.

But that wasn't the worst part. I had four grown WOMEN hit my door up trick or treating. WTF??? The first woman came up with her kid and after I gave her kid candy she shoves another bag in my face. I figure she probably has a scared young one at the sidewalk. They leave and I watch them walk over to the neighbors house, no other kid anywhere to be seen. Later again I get another woman come up with her kids and she too shoves a bag towards me. I put a candy in there and say, the other kid was too scared to come up? She says no this is for me. I know I gave her a disapproving look.

Later I had huge bunches come up and in between there there were two older women (seriously, late forties early fifties even) in costume. Again, WTF? Ugh.

This year we had several cops drive through our neighborhood through out the night. I think they were here because for some reason our neighborhood gets "visitors" from other areas. We get dozens of cars park on our street. It gets crazy and I'll open my door to 20+ people at a time sometimes.

I bought tons of candy and this year I ran out of candy at 8pm! (I was giving the little ones 3 pieces and the old ones 1 piece.) Mr man wanted to know if he should go out and get more candy but I told him no, were done this year. I had the boys quickly put all the decor back into the garage and we turned off the lights. Even so we still got door bell rings but we just ignored them.

I hope I don't start hating Halloween.

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