Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I know it's time to but........

This Sunday again we went to watch the game with the "club" (feels funny saying that.hahaha). As we were leaving one of the older men from the group says to me "You never wear mommy boots." I reply with yes I do, I'm a mommy and the boots I wear every week are mine. So, mommy boots. Then Mr.man chimes in with "Sexy mommy".

Monday I decided to just go ahead and order the last color of the Dany heels I don't have. I am obsessed with Dany. Not only are they almost 6 inches high (5.8") but they are unbelievably comfortable. I can wear them for hours! I think that these have beat out all my Iman's. Iman used to be my go to shoe for events that I knew I'd be doing tons of walking or long periods of standing but now I can add Dany and Curly (for more casual events).

Yesterday I was asked if I had put my tree up yet. To which I of course replied "Nope". Why is is SO hard for me to decorate for Christmas? I guess we'll see when I finally break down and put it up. Anyways, why does it always have to be me to initiate the process? Why don't the men of the house do it??

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