Friday, February 26, 2010

I hate being stood up.

So said that all those bags full of clothing have got to go NOW or they are going in the trash on Monday night. So I put an ad up online for a dollar a piece or all for $60 (there is 175 pieces of clothing in there exactly). So this woman who I happen to know said she wanted it all and that she would be by to pick it all up in a while. Now 6 HOURS later that woman has yet to show or even call. If this stuff doesn't sell I am just going to drop it off at a thrift store on Monday morning.

I am just upset because my dumb butt stayed home all freakin day. I needed to go to ATT to switch out mr.mans new Jabra Stone headset for another one. He just got it on Sunday but it was crap crap crappity crap. He'd call me and all I'd hear is some garbled noise. He said he could barely hear me as well. So I need to exchange for another one, hoping that this one was just defective.

I also was going to go to F21.

Don't look at me like that,

I was going to be at the mall anyways for the At&t store and I was only going to get a couple or three belts. I SWEAR!! (I think) However now I've wasted my day on the word of this woman. Oh well. Too late now for regrets I guess.

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