Sunday, February 14, 2010

How I have spent today so far.

So this morning at 3am kissed me good bye. I slept in until well after 9 am when he called to let me know he had just landed. I stayed in bed a few minutes later and checked my e-mails from my phone. I had two from friends so I got up and went to the office to use one of the home pc's. I didn't feel like going down stairs to use either of my laptops. I replied to them in length and afterwards I finally came down.

My boys lavished me with gifts and we made breakfast. After we were finished we decided to go bowling. It was a blast.... for the first game. We had the bumpers up and so we all did pretty good. I bowled a 115. Ha! When we had finished all ten frames we decided to go one more round. This time though I wanted a real game and I put the bumpers down.

That's when the problems arose. Kid one was pissed because it was gutter after gutter with him. Squishy was crying because of the same thing. I sucked, I think I bowled like 70. Maybe. I don't remember because I was so pissed at how obnoxious the two boys were acting. Kid 2 however did pretty good. He bowled a 98. Not bad since this is only his 4th time ever. He really showed us up.

Anyways, when the tenth frame was finished I just grabbed all my crap and the boys and left. It wasn't until we were driving out of the parking lot that I remembered the mess we left. We didn't put the balls away, we didn't put that little ramp away (squishy ended up using it towards the end) and we left our almost new drinks on the table. I am so freakin embarrassed I can not believe the kids got to me like that. I wanted to do something fun and they ruined it with their attitudes. I was acting like a fool, nearly falling on my ass (my new pink bowling shoes were super slippery) but I was having fun. I didn't care that I looked like a fool. I kinda regret having gone.

Afterwards we stopped off at Target because Kid 1 and 2 wanted new skull candys and since my parents hooked them up with cash that's what they wanted to spend it on. While there I found two Rodarte dresses in the clearance section. The leopard bow dress and the lace dress in the flower pattern. Both were in my size! so I bought the leopard print one. I passed on the flower print one but now I am regretting that decision. Oh well. (update: I went back for the flower dress. So now it's in my closet.)

Now at home I get a text reminding me about the party at the neighbors house tonight. I can't decide whether to go or not. I always end up standing them up and I feel bad because it's never been done on purpose. I know I should go even if it's just for a bit, but I am just not in the mood anymore. I just can't believe how they boy's behavior this morning has affected me.

I guess we'll see. It starts at 5pm so I still have a couple hours before it starts.

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