Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's all gone. Sadness.......

So around noon I loaded everything up in my car and dropped it all off at a local thrift store. I hate getting rid of stuff. Later I'll be looking for something and then it'll hit me "I DON'T HAVE IT ANYMORE!!!".

I'll just have to deal with it. WAAHHHH!!!

Well after the tears dried from my eyes I headed over to the At&t store to exchange the headset. I told the clerk I wanted to exchange it because it was defective. She then says, "You just got it on the 21st, how do you know it's defective?" To which I replied, Well if all I hear is jhdhfkjgjhsgfjsgfdkjhfdgvhdgfvjh when my husband calls me and he can barely hear me on the other side. Yeah, I'd say the headset is defective. She then gets the package and check to make sure everything is in the box. And I do mean everything. She says "where are the inserts?" so I look in my bag and there they were and I handed them to her. She them asks for my ID (even though I had my reciept) and finally she hands me a new blue tooth headset. That girl is just plain ridiculous.

Then I casually walked into Forever 21.

Then I walked out with a couple pairs of shoes, a couple belts, three tops, a couple skirts and a dress. UGH!!!!!

It's no help that my boys encourage me to buy those things with their ooh that looks nice and stuff like that. Geesh.

At least my boys will make good husbands (well two of them anyways. One could care less what I wear or try on and buy)and they are well trained to go shopping with their wives. See what a good mother in law I am. Yup, yup.

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