Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm at 682. So far.

This morning I got dressed and went down to my shoe room to pick out the shoes for the day. I started going through boxes and I decided that I need a better way to not only find a pair of shoes but also a way for me to remember which shoes I have or still have. For in the past year I have sold well over 300 pairs of my shoes (And I miss them all, but I needed the room) and sometimes I'll spend an hour looking for a certain pair and never find them. Then I wondered "how many pairs do I currently still own??"

So I grabbed my camera and started going box by box taking pictures of every pair. Well of 173 pairs so far. Then the lighting in my shoeroom got really bad. SO I quit, for now. However I finished counting all the pairs in there and I got to 682. I still need to go upstairs and count the one's in my closet. Plus there are 4 pairs on their way to me as we speak. The two pairs of boots I ordered last week plus two pairs of heels I ordered on Sat.

I am crazy right?

No! Don't agree with me! Say "No Ivy, you are quite normal and there is nothing wrong with owning such a large quantity of gorgeous can't live without them shoes."

Now that's what you need to say.

BTW, I want chocolate!!

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