Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Then on Wed. there was shopping!!

The weather was beautiful today. So I decided enough is enough I NEED to go out and shop. So I jumped in my newer car and zoomed off. Our little city is completely surrounded by hills and mountains. In order to get out of here we need to drive thru those hills and mountains. I live a hop skip and a jump from Lamb's Canyon and I love zooming up and down that road. It is exhilarating. VROOM!!! I missed my calling as a race car driver.

Anyhoo, I went shopping and after spending way more than I thought I would I came home with 7 dresses, 3 skirts, a strapless jumpsuit, 5 necklaces and a 3 piece bracelets. Umm, yea. So that kinda wiped me out a bit. Bummer. I still need to get an anniversary present on top of a b-day present. I have to seriously go out tomorrow and get the anniversary gift. Seriously. Since tomorrow is our 15 yr wedding anniversary. WOW 15 years! Damn. That's a long time......

Necklace: Can't Remember
Top: Elle
Skirt: NY&C
Shoes: Steve Madden

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