Thursday, March 4, 2010

It wasn't my fault. I tried.

This morning I got ready and headed for my shoe room. I really did. I walked in there and the room was dark. The clouds outside blocked the little bit of sunlight that does happen to shine through the window. Disappointed (because I REALLY wanted to get to work and finish this already) I grabbed my coat and purse and headed out the door.

My birthday is Sat. and the ONLY good thing about b-days is the freebies you can get. For example yesterday I got a free burger and fries from Red Robin. Today I decided to use my free meal from Acapulco Restaurant. I have only gone there once a long time ago with friends for karaoke and that was in the bar. So this was a new experience for me.

I got to choose any entree' of my choice with no limitations. I decided to order the Costa combo. It had a grilled chicken breast, a fish taco and a shrimp enchilada. I have been craving seafood so I figured this would hit the spot. OMG!! The shrimp enchilada was the most delicious thing ever! The plate looked scary when they brought it out as the only recognizable item was the rice. Really, I asked the manager to explain my plate to me. No kidding!

I decided to try the enchilada first even though it was green with more green scribbled on it. I am glad I did. YUM! It was kinda spicy but delish. By the time I finished the enchilada I was so full that I never even touched anything else off my plate. (I did eat tons of chips with salsa while waiting for my meal) I boxed it up and left owing a whole $2.77 for my drink, plus the tip. I paid more for the tip than my entire lunch : )

That restaurant is located in a kinda strip mall type place and I decided to explore and see if there were any good shops there. It was dead. There was a barber, a salon, a market among a few other little businesses. One of them being a consignment boutique.

I looked around checked out some prices and walked right out. That store was ridiculous. It was an overly priced thrift store. There was a cute dress that caught my eye and they wanted $69 for it. Then I noticed it was severely damaged! I also found a leopard belt I had bought at a dollar store there for $22. Wow.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, my Bakers shoes package arrived today. I am in love with one pair but incredibly disappointed with the other. I don't know whether to keep it or return it. It wasn't that expensive with it being marked down, my b card and a promo code so I don't know whether to bother returning them or just to keep them and give them a shot. UGH!! Decisions!!

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