Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another day with favors.

So today I had several visits and texts from neighbors. They all needed a small favor in one way or another and it makes me feel "important". I would be missed if I ever moved away. I was like that at my other house too. Helpful Ivy.

Anyways today I finally watched The Informant and 2012. Not the best movies in my opinion, but I only paid $0 for them so no loss there. Redbox emailed and I a promo code for a free rental each and those are the movies we picked. Thanks Redbox!

Ah yes, my NY&CO order has come in. The skirts are nice. I couldn't tell from the pictures but the material is ribbed. I wish I'd ordered a size down because I kinda wanted a tight fitted skirt but I guess this way I can wear it lower on hips and make the skirt seem a bit longer if I wish to.

I had also ordered a white twist buckle belt. Now I am not a twig (oh how I miss being an xs. Been two years since)so I always get med or m/l belts at Target, Aldo and F21. So I ordered M/L in this NY&CO belt. IT IS HUGE!! I am going to have to exchange it. Bummer.

Now I had plans of being a chaperon at my older boys field trip to the beach in San Diego. They are going for their science class to conduct some experiments. However, one of the favors I was asked to do was babysit the neighbors kids tomorrow. So I told her I would be able to drop them off at school in the morning but that I wouldn't know if I could get out of chaperoning. So when I drop the boys off I will have to be ready for the trip just in case I can't get out of it. Bummer, I kinda wanted to go.

So that was my day.

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