Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yay! Green!

So yes, today I get to get all decked out in green from head to toe and not even get a second look. Green to me is like that really good friend you don't want anyone knowing about because you are embarrassed by them. When I was younger and punk I had my green docs (Fun fact: I wore doc's with my wedding dress!!), green hair, green everything. Black and green were my colors. Then I had kids and the punk started slowly disappearing. Not because I don't like it but because I felt like I was too old for it. So at 22/23 I started toning it down a bit. Okay so now, a lot.


This morning I decided to pull my bike out and go for a short ride. would call it my hot rod and before I ever got that bike I never knew there were bikes over $500 (there were bikes there that cost the same as a small car!!!!). Well I hadn't ridden it at all in over a year I think. I stopped riding it when I found out the sun was out to get me. But I hadn't really been riding it as much since we moved to this house a little over three years ago. Before that I would ride it everywhere! The boys school was a few blocks away so we'd ride to school. We were only two blocks from the main street in town so I'd ride my bike everywhere and for everything. It was fun.

So I pulled my bike out of the garage, rinsed it off, put air in the tires and off I went. I rode through our community.

Our community is comprised of two neighborhoods, the Bristols and the Hamptons. I live in the Hamptons side and it is 54 houses. The Bristols are the smaller houses and there are over 200 of those. I live on the main street and only a few houses in of the Hamptons side so I never drive through any of the other streets on either side.

I decided to first ride through the Bristols.

Wow, it was ghetto. Over grown lawns, junk in the front of the yards and 50% of them (if not more) were empty or for sale. I go out of the Bristols entrance, ride all the way around to the Hamptons entrance and decide to ride through the three cul d sacs. My jaw dropped. It was the same thing! Not as many for sale, but there was no pride of ownership. I thought the housing thing had blown over. My street was the first phase on our side and out of all of us only three of us remain. All of the other homes were foreclosed and have since sold quickly. So I thought the entire neighborhood had recovered just as fast.

Kinda sad really. Hmmph.

So I had ridden for 30 minutes and decided that that was enough.

I went back inside and I decided to see if Steve Madden still had a pair of shoes I had been contemplating and since they would be super cheap with the discount code I thought Why not.

I ordered them and then it was time to clean. UGH.

Now I am just relaxing and enjoying a cherry coke and air conditioning. Ahhhhh!!

Top: OLD
Shoes: Van's slip ons green with polka dots
Bike: Electra Betty in black

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