Monday, March 15, 2010

No shopping today

Okay, there was shopping. Just not any good shopping. I went to the grocery store to get a few things we needed. That's it.

I always park waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy in the back. The furthest parking space as possible. I have never liked parking right up front. Too many people walking in and out of spots, too many baskets, plus I like the walk. Well today as I walked towards the store I got half a dozen hi's, a couple of heys and tons of smiles from them all. It was kinda weird. I was like am I showing some of the goodies or did everyone just wake up happy? It must have been the second because I was fully covered up all the way around.

After my so called shopping I headed home and waited for it to be time to get the boys from school. While heading there it up and hits me that I forgot the bread. What a dork! So after I pick them up we go and head for another grocery store to get the bread. After we did that and I filled my car up with fuel we finally headed home again. then called me that he had a small electrical fire at work. The first words out of my mouth were "Was it your fault?". He goes no. Then is when I finally asked "Are you okay?" Sad. It is crazy when you worry about job security prior to someones well being. I feel really f'n up for having asked it in that order. Before I wouldn't even asked if it was his fault. I would have asked if he was okay first.

I just hope he didn't take it the wrong way.

Tunic dress/top: Navy studded tunic F21
White jacket ???? I think it was a boutique called Salad a long time ago
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Bailey Sandals
Belt: New York and Company (taken in by my handy dandy sewing machine)
Cuff: Stone flower cuff bought at a vintage jewelery store that no longer exists. Was told stones were something special but have forgotten what they were called. If you know what kind of stones those are PLEASE let me know : )

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