Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My brain has ideas.......

Today I went out for some shopping. I went to the vintage jewelry store and I came home with 4 bracelets. I almost bought a necklace but it was kind of steep in price so I put it back. I am having second thoughts though, so I might go back for it tomorrow. Hmm...

I then went to Micheal's because I wanted to make a DIY necklace. I had an idea and wanted to make it before it fluttered away and was forgotten forever. My old "best" friend works there. We used to be really tight 11 yrs ago when I first moved out here. I met her through my oldest son because he was friends with her daughter. We had alot in common and became really close friends.

She then got divorced and got WILD and we started distancing ourselves because I am not into what she got into. She was like that for a bit over a year then she met a new guy who settled her down and we again started hanging out all the time. However another year later she was bored with her new guy and life because he wasn't into partying and such and she was dying to go out. So she started telling him she was hanging out with me but in reality she was out acting like a fool and getting wasted. I later found out that I was her alibi and so he associated her bad behavior with me and he didn't let her hang out with me anymore. I didn't really care anymore as I was quite tired of her myself. So we stopped really talking four years ago. We always talk when we see each other and catch up and make empty promises of I'll call you later for lunch.

So after I got all the pieces I needed I found her and we had a long conversation. When we said our goodbyes we again promised to call each other next week for lunch.

Well, I got to work on one of the necklaces. I finished it and the boys loved it. I was going to start the second one and I realize I grabbed the wrong rings. Right size, but wrong kind. So I will have to run off tomorrow and buy the right ones. Oh well, now I have something to do right?

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