Friday, March 12, 2010

I still got sunburned!

Well offered to take the day off so he could pick everyone up after school. That meant I got to go on the field trip!

We went to Ocean beach in San Diego first. We went to some tide pools and collected our water samples. There we found fish, hermit crabs and those sea plants that when you touch them they hide. Pretty cool.

After that we moved on to Dog Beach portion of that beach. We again collected samples and then we all sat down for lunch. While eating lunch the "smart" kids decided to feed the sea gulls which then caused a freakish attack of the sea gulls. It was quite scary as over 40 birds were hovering low to the ground trying to get our lunch. Finally after yelling at the kids to stop throwing food or we'd have to take it away they stopped.

The third stop we made was Mission beach. We were already running behind so we quickly collected our sample and rushed back to the bus.

I couldn't wait to get home. The children were incredibly noisy and I was getting a headache.

When we got home I kicked off my drenched vans, socks and just laid on the couch to relax for a while. I went on the F21 site because I saw a super skirt on Chloe's blog. It's a mocha side ruffle number. SUPER CUTE! I also got the rosette knit top in the light pink (I loved it in the cream I just HAD to get it in the pink right??) and another gorgeous skirt. This one is a grey ruffle wrap skirt. Beautiful!! I also had three more skirts in my basket, but one became unavailable as I started my checkout and I decided to see if I found the other two skirts in the store this weekend to actually try them on as I was kind of iffy on them. I hope they get here quick as I can't wait to wear those pretties!!

While at dinner I remembered that we have a baby shower to go to tomorrow. Shoot! I completely forgot! I am going to have to try to get to a baby r us (that's where she registered) tomorrow morning or I'll get get her a visa gift card maybe. Darn my scatter brain.

After I originally wrote this post I went back to the F21 site to save pics of the items I purchased today. While looking for the pink top I found a white drapey top I liked as well. Thank goodness for the free shipping with code "wemissyou10" because I didn't think twice to order this beauty. Hee hee.

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