Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So what did I do today?

Absolutely nothing exciting. It was just one of those days full of favors. I needed to do a favor for my next door neighbor. She wanted me to edit the ads I had placed for her on craigslist. Then I had to do a favor for and last but not least I had to again pick the neighbors kids up from school for her.

I did manage to sneak in a trip to the antique store to browse for some jewelery. I found a cute vintage flower and pearl brooch, a Tortolani necklace with a brown kinda looks like a pear pendant and a neat gold and pearl necklace (the short one in the pic). I think I had just been in a kind of shoppers withdrawal, (NO shopping since Sat!! I don't know how you do it Justine!! Willpower girl!!)That I just bought those things just to go home with a purchase. However, what I bought is lovely so no harm done. Well my wallet's alot lighter. Bummer.

Tomorrow will be better. The bandage skirts and belt I ordered last week will be arriving tomorrow. YAY!!

Rosette knit top: F21
Jeans: Lucky Jeans Zoe Skinny ankle zipper jeans
Shoes: Bebe Hannah wedge in gold

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