Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm tired. Oh so tired.

Get ready for picture overload......

So this morning I decided to do some weeding. I go out and I pull weeds for a while when the mailman comes by and stops in front of my house and he hands me a small package. I check the postmark and I realize that in my hands I am holding the oh so anticipated Talulabelle's necklace.

I immediately stop what I'm doing, rush inside and after my hands have been washed I tear off the kraft paper. There I see a tissue wrapped box with a couple laurel leaves and a small thank you card.

After the tissue paper was torn off I now find myself a beautiful sturdy red box with matching tie. I undo the bow and I finally open the box, remove some more tissue paper and I finally see it. My necklace. I was a bit confused when I noticed that it was plastic, but then again it never stated whether it was metal or plastic in the ad. I pulled it out and there were a couple links that had separated. I quickly fixed them and was finally able to put it on. It is beautiful, there's no doubt about that. I just wish it'd been metal but this way it is light around my neck. While wearing it though it would bunch up and some of the circles kept flipping over. I added a couple swivels and it helped. I am going to have to go out and buy a few more and add them throughout.

Well my day went on and at around 4pm I get a doorbell ring. I open it to find man standing there with two packages. OMG! The two pairs I ordered on Tuesday had arrived. Super Lightning fast!!! I got the e-mails late last night my orders had been shipped but I hadn't bothered to check them to see when they'd arrive yet. I got side tracked and completely forgot. I tried them on right away and I am in love. They are super hot and I paid almost nothing for the both of them. Woo-hoo!!

After I put my new boots away I went into the kitchen to peel 10 LBS of shrimp.

10 LBS!!!!!

I am so tired. I hate peeling and deveining shrimp. It is just so time consuming. Blah!! After that I went on to chopping the onion, grinding the catfish fillets and soaking everything in lemon juice. Done for now. Tomorrow I just need to drain most of the lemon juice and add the chopped tomato and cilantro. Then I mix it all up and done! Ceviche.

I decided to make it tonight because I anticipate a very busy day tomorrow getting everything ready for my father in laws party on Sat. has taken Friday off to help out. Or get in the way. We'll see.


  1. those shoes are INSANITY. What size are you? And does your husband think your crazy, cuz mine does, haha :)

  2. I think all husbands think we're crazy. At least mine let me get a whole room to convert as my shoe room.

    BTW I'm a size 7

    : )

  3. Those are some heavy duty working around the house shoes.

  4. yup Susan, they come in handy when trying to dust in high places : )


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