Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My F21 order arrived....

So this morning I wanted to watch the morning news while I got ready. Unfortunately the news cast was over dramatizing a small 4.4 earthquake that hit LA county. I think it was centered in Pico Rivera. But from the way they were reporting you would have thought it was twice that. They had the field reporters out and about trying to find damage, talking about first aid kits and asking the earthquake lady if it was a fore shock and blah blah blah. Made me sick.

When I was done getting ready I quickly went online and bought some ankle boots I'd been eyeing for a while. A long while. They were on sale and I figured I might as well get them before they sell out and I get that empty feeling in my gut. Click. Bought. I got free shipping and I was happy.

So I dyed my hair, got the mail and I found a solitary high heeled peep toe pump lying battered and beaten in the middle of the street in front of my house. I thought it was funny and I snapped a picture of the wounded soldier.

I then check my e-mail and I nearly fall to the floor in despair as there I found an e-mail from Steve Madden with a 25% off and free shipping code in celebration of my b-day. WT frick a frack?!?!?! kjdhfkjdhfjsdhkfj!!!!

So I call customer service and they applied the new code to my order and said I'd be getting a refund applied to my card for the difference. I was happy......

For like a couple minutes. You see after I hung up and did my little happy happy joy joy dance I went back to the Steve Madden site to purchase another pair of shoes I had my eye on and with the 25% off code they were within reach. Sooooooo, I run across the pair I had ordered in the morning and they were now marked down even more! Almost half of what I was charged just a little over 3 hours before!!!! I got on the phone again and told them my situation and how unfair it was and WA-la, they adjusted the sale price and continued with the 25% off code and so now I am getting a whole lot of $$$ back.

I ordered the other pair, crossed my fingers and done.

When I got back home from getting my boys my F21 packages were there on my doorstep. I quickly opened them up and tried them on. I somehow messed up and ordered the wrong size in one of the tops. It was too big. I thought that F21 was the one with the mistake, but I checked my invoice and yup, I ordered a large. UGH! I call my local store and they don't even carry this top. Bummer.

Everything else was perfect. The skirts need to be steamed BAD, but perfect anyways.

Well I am now waiting for four packages to arrive. I hope they arrive soon!!

Top: F21 (a long long time ago)
Skirt: Elle from Kohl's
Shoes: Lizzie from Baker's shoes (They look like LAMB's Jaco)
Necklaces: Kenneth Cole (They make me feel like an edgy Wilma Flinstone)


  1. You must be 5 foot even to wear heels that size, haha... my husband would kill me. But I admit I dream about it. :)

  2. I always tower over my "short" hubby. He's 5'9" and I'm a tad bit over 5'5" barefoot. Hee hee hee. He doesn't seem to mind, unless I joke about it. Then he just tells me cheating doesn't count.
    ; )


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