Monday, March 8, 2010

What a Sunday.

I was still super tired from Fri and Sat this Sunday morning. I had plans of sleeping all day. Okay not necessarily sleeping all day, just sleeping in. However, had other plans. He had mentioned that he wanted to go to some fishing expo out in Long Beach. Now when he said he wanted to go I never once thought that I was included in those plans. I thought Kid 2 and him were going to go on their own. That was not the case as I found out early in the morning. woke me up and told me to start getting ready because we had to leave in about half an hour. UGH!! I rolled out of bed, braided my hair, threw on whatever and did my make-up. The whole time I was getting ready Mr ants in his pants kept asking if I was ready yet. Geesh. What's the big hurry I kept thinking. That thing would be going on for hours anyways right?

When I was finally done I came downstairs and he rushed us all to his car. Then when we are driving away from the house he mentions that he has a meeting in Corona at a hotel and it starts at 10am and it's already 9am! A meeting?? You dragged me out of bed early so I can go wait while you're in a meeting. &^%^%$$#$#&&&**##!!!!!

When we get to the hotel rushes out as we follow. He slips into the meeting room and we are left behind in the lounge. So we sit and we wait, and wait, and WAIT. The meeting wasn't over until well after noon. We were not only bored out of our minds but we were STARVING! apologized for it running so long and said it was only supposed to last one hour but one guy kept asking dumb questions. We made a quick run to Carl's Jr and then proceeded to Long Beach.

I see no fascination to EXPOS. You pay $15+ to go walk around getting bugged by pushy sales people. Everyone bragging that theirs is the best, the brightest, the most extraordinary product on the market and everyone else's product is inferior. Boredom upon boredom.

We walked the entire thing and came home with a bunch of new fun things (in his mind) to play with. Squishy came home with a skunk hat. Fun times. When were were leaving goes "This was fun right? We weren't here long but we had a good time." I go no, we weren't here long. Just a little over 5 hours!! He goes "Oh, I didn't realize." as he giggles like a school girl.

From there we went to dinner at King Taco. I used to love that place many many years ago. Last night though I felt cheated. The burritos were 1/2 the size they used to be and the food was bland and the salsa was no flavor all spice. My tongue was burning so bad I was trembling! I then looked around and noticed we were all trembling. The room was freezing!

When we finally made it home I turned on the 10 o'clock news and went to bed. Finally.

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