Saturday, March 6, 2010


So this morning I woke up and it hit me, HARD!! I am officially another year older.
What in the world happened to the younger me so carefree running around Disneyland wearing a tiara like a child? Oh, wait. That was yesterday.

My passes expired today so we went yesterday for a kind of last hurrah. Not just for the annual passes, but for my last day being a whole year younger. The younger two boys were the only ones to join me for this adventure.

The park was glorious. It was like if it knew I wouldn't be back for months and it wanted to give me kind of a farewell, see you later, you have been a great friend kind of gift. The park was nearly empty! Wait times were nearly non existent and we were able to just walk on to awaiting carriages on many rides. They were waiting for me! I wasn't waiting for them!

The park did start getting a bit more crowded as the day progressed but still the wait times were no more than 15 minutes.

The only bump on the rode was that the pirates ride broke down while in boat and we were stuck listening to sailors whistle at a "mangy mutt" trying to get the key from said mutt to make their great escape. Funny that we were stuck there as I used precisely that shot in one of my older posts.

We were stuck there for approx. 30 minutes. Constantly being told over intercom that we would be moving momentarily but then also hearing them announce that they needed details for evacuation. We thought they would be guiding us out through some secret exit or something like that. However, they finally got the boats moving and ushered us out. I asked one of the cast members for an explanation and was told that they had no idea what had happened. Mystery.

When we got home after two hours of horrible traffic I was ready for bed and my last day of being younger was over. **Sigh**

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