Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Then on Tuesday I went for a ride in heels.

Well as I mentioned earlier took the day off. So he asked me what did I want to do. I had ideas but there wasn't enough time to do any of them since the boys have been getting out of school early all week. He suggested taking a ride out of town but that too didn't make me comfortable knowing that we only had three hours. So I suggested just taking a ride around town.

So I threw my hair into a low ponytail, grabbed my riding jacket and my helmet. I was going to change my boots but decided not to.

So we went off and rode downtown. We decided to stop off at the historic section and walk the shops. We bought some of that Mexican bread ( got one shaped like a pig and I got the fruit filled one) and ate as we walked around. We spent the whole time just browsing. Time went by fast and it was time to go.

When we got home I looked into a mirror and could not believe how messed up my make up was. I guess the helmet smeared it all over and no one said a thing. I am hoping it happened when I put it back on for the ride home or when I took it off at home.

Oh well.

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