Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baby shower and a Pac-man fight

This Sat I woke up at 7:45am and I decided to sleep an extra hour. That extra hour turned into 5! I woke up a few minutes before 1pm and the invitation said 2pm. On top of that I had yet to buy a gift. So I decided to rush off to Kohl's and just buy a cute outfit. I wanted to find some little Levi's and a cute shirt. I love little baby boys in those teeny tiny Levi's and since Kohl's was the closest Levi selling store, that's where I went.

I got to the store and right away I was side tracked. I saw a few items that I liked and well, I went shopping for myself. Sheesh. After my personal selections (2 Vera Wang necklaces, and a matching bracelet, 3 dresses, a tunic and a skirt) I finally made it towards the infant section and they didn't have any little jeans for baby boys. For girls yes, but for boys No. I noticed it was now 2:40 so I just grabbed a little pant and shirt combo and as I was walking away I saw the cutest little monkey cardigan! I had to get it. Just had to.

So I race home the whole time calling the boys but not a one would answer their phone. I wanted to give them a heads up and make sure that they got ready. I got home ran in and wrapped the gift as quickly as possible and went down the street to the party. It was 3:10 and I thought I was super late as this was supposed to be a surprise party. However, I walk in and I was one of the first ones to arrive. They were still setting everything up. I asked if I was late or early and they just laugh. Turns out this party was completely disorganized. They made several batches or invitations and some said 2:00, some said 2:30 others said 3:00 and some said 5:00.
So in a way I was super early because the party didn't start into full swing until 6.
Games were played and I won 2. I would have one 4, but in one game the other woman cheated and I didn't feel like starting a fight over it so I just let her get away with it. The other one was against the mom to be and myself and it was musical chairs. I was in front of the chair when the music was turned off but I stepped out of the way when she went for the chair.

As soon as the games were done and the cake was cut I went to the other side of the house to watch the fights. Pac-man won and by 10pm I was back at home.

For some reason I wasn't sleepy and decided to browse online. I wanted to see if the white belt I had ordered had popped back in a s/m and I noticed that the black bondage skirt had popped back in my size! So I quickly ordered that plus I decided to give it a shot in the denim. So add another package to my list.


  1. How do you like the Zinc's? We have some Gianni Bini from Dillards that are similar.

  2. I love them, however these are 2-3 hour shoes max. It's like walking on pointe.


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