Saturday, February 13, 2010

He won't be home for Valentine's has to go to Washington for one to two weeks. Unfortunately his flight leaves at 6am on V-day. I got asked several times if I was bummed that he wasn't going to be home for Valentines. To which I would have to remind them that we do not celebrate this day. Many many years ago when we were just shy of our second wedding anniversary was shot in the neck while buying me flowers. Two masked gunmen broke into the store and tried to rob the shop. They were unable to since the shop keeper locked the register and ran out the front door. Pissed off the shot my husband point blank in the neck as he lay there on the floor and those cowards ran away without a cent.

So that was quite traumatic and so we associate Feb. 14Th as the day he was shot and could have died instead of a day for candy hearts and stuffed animals. There really is no need for Valentine's day if you really think about it. You shouldn't only show you love and care for one another one day out of the year. It should be shown throughout the year (and stuffed animals don't show love, I think that they are a cop out anyways).

BTW. Those jerks were never caught and got away with attempted murder. However, I do believe in Karma and I really doubt that they are still walking this earth.

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