Thursday, February 11, 2010

A very boring Thursday

So today I didn't wear my nautical attire. I instead opted for my new F21 Skinny's, the fabulous boots that Chloe made me buy, a Vera Wang necklace with a simple cotton t-shirt and a moss green cardigan with a tan belt.

Then after I got all cute I went to Home Depot. Yup. My lawn is a sickly yellowish green and my plants look all sad and pitiful. So I went to get some plant food and ammonia. Now hopefully by next weekend my grass will be nice and green, because right now the grass is greener on the other side.

Well Sat. I am off to my niece's first birthday party. I already bought her a barbie and tomorrow I plan to go out and get her a cute outfit. I actually have an outfit in mind. I saw the cutest little girl at Disneyland wearing such outfit and she was so darn adorable I am going to try to recreate that same outfit for my niece.

So here's crossing my fingers!!

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