Sunday, April 18, 2010

My weekend

I wanted to sleep on the drive to the lake, but for some reason I can never sleep in a moving vehicle.

At 3am we were in line for the fishing tournament. Even though we had already paid and registered we still had to go and get in line to sign in. After we were signed in and after they finally opened the gates we went and found a spot to set up.

I was dead tired and was finally able to sleep a couple hours. After doing so I felt way better and was able to enjoy the day. We were red hot. I quickly caught my limit and so did kid 2 and Squishy only caught one, but it was a nice sized one. Kid 2 actually caught a few over his limit but he just started catch and release after that.

We had a good time and I even went for a swim. You see somehow Mr.mans stringer got loose and started floating away. The end of the string was just at the edge of the lake. What I didn't know is that the lake edge was super muddy kind of like quick sand. So as soon as I stepped on the edge WHOOSH I slipped in. I couldn't get my footing because I just kept slipping and sliding. So I reached out for to save me. As soon as I came out there was laughter and cheering from everyone around me. It's okay, because I saved our fish from floating away. My only fear is that someone got it on video and I wind up on YouTube as "Idiot woman falling in lake". Eek!!

Finally late afternoon we packed up all our stuff and headed home. When we got home we quickly put everything away and lightly cleaned the grills and the trailer and it was off to take a bath and to my warm comfy bed that had been calling my name since the day before.

The next morning at 8am Kid 1 called me to say good morning. I went right back to sleep. It wasn't until 1pm when I finally rolled out of bed. I just stayed home and was a lazy butt.

Kid 1 came home around 5pm and my mom left after only a few minutes. I was just hap hap happy my Mom brought me some take-out from Lucille's Bar-b-que. Oh thank you mommy.

So that was my weekend.

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