Saturday, April 3, 2010

I'm home with an empty wallet but full trunk

So I went shopping. HARD. Really I did. Not just me. Kid 1 also had the shopping bug. I went to H&M HOPING AND WISHING to find that adorable dress the lovely Justine modeled the other day. I was out of luck for I was told they never recieved it. They said it had even come out in blue and that the blue one was even more lovely than the cream one. Hmmf. Oh well, I still came home with a few lovelies from there.

So I entered nearly every store, even the Apple store (No, I did not get an Ipad for I just don't see myself needing it, but thanks for the free drinks. Hehehe). Kid 2 wanted to see the Ipad and he also wanted to ask how much it would be to replace the battery in his ipod.

With arms full of bags we went back to my car. I then called my sister and everyone was at her house. I was miserable there. I just felt as if my Mom was being snarky towards me. Comments made here and there made me feel as if she was picking on me. So after the cake I left. I know I shouldn't let it get to me like that because she has always been a *itch but she's my mom and you don't expect them to act this way.
Okay, whatever. At least I know how not to act towards my boys.

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