Thursday, April 22, 2010

I feel BLAH today.

I think I'm getting sick. All my bones and joints hurt, my head hurts and even my right ear hurts. I feel three times my age at the moment.

I had an outfit all picked out for today but I never got around to changing into it. Instead I pulled on some old Levis, some pink with grey suede lace up vans, a pink t-shirt with the Ford Mustang horse on it with "I want a pony" written underneath (I miss my 68 Mustang Coupe *sighs*, to go back 5 years and never sell it) and a Fox Ind. zip up hooded sweater. I did put on some make-up and I just pulled my hair back. When I was all done I laid my achy self on the bottom of the staircase. I fell asleep. Can you believe that, I FELL ASLEEP on the staircase!!

Seriously I really hope it's just the gloomy weather messing with me, not a sickey coming on.


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