Monday, April 5, 2010

First day of springbreak

I slept in just like I longed to do. I was awoken sometime during the night by another aftershock. I have felt three aftershocks since the bigger one yesterday afternoon. These three have been mild and really insignificant.

When I got up I realized I needed to get to work and catch up with the laundry. Oh so glamorous. I did a couple loads and then kid 2 said he wanted to go shopping. He has money that's been burning a hole in his pocket. So off we went.

When we finally got home I again started the laundry. I then come to a shocking discovery as I find out I am short tons of hangers. How can that be? Didn't I get rid of over 200 pieces about two months ago? Where did all those extra hanger wind up?

HMMM, Mystery......

I think I just felt another aftershock. Now I wish I'd never seen the movie 2012. Yikes.

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