Sunday, April 11, 2010

I am seriously going bald. I think.

So a relative came to visit whom I'd not seen in over 10 years. They went and made a comment about my hair which made me realize that my hair has thinned dramatically. I used to have a thick and I do mean thick head of hair. Now my ponytail is limp and skinny.

I should have realized that my "shedding" meant that I was in fact losing a lot of my hair. Every time I brush my hair my brush and the surrounding area is full of lost hair. Everyone in my house is always complaining that my hair is everywhere. I clog up drains and the vacuum brushes always need to be cleaned up.

Wow. Now I really don't want to cut my hair. I was in fact actually considering it since I found split ends on my split ends' split ends. Seriously. My hair is that damaged and brittle. But now, I don't know.

This illness really sucks. I just cross my fingers that this disease doesn't get worse for me. I read of others that really have it bad compared to me and it really scares me.


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