Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I wore my new Jessica Simpson Sabina sandals

Yes, I wore them today. I also re-wore my chandelier necklace today but with out the layered necklace. I have to say it looks nice plain. I am loving it and the compliments I've gotten so far make me happy.

I had to stay home and do even more laundry. Who knew a family of five could produce so much freakin dirty clothes. It's madness. Especially since I am constantly washing the either clean clothes that they threw back into their hampers or clothing that hasn't fit them in years.

I think that this weekend I am going to go through the boys clothing a pull out everything that either doesn't fit them or they just don't want.

So just a short time ago Mr.man made a comment to the likes of "when we go to Vegas in August" in passing I asked "What do you mean when we go to Vegas in August???" He then tells me "I had already told you." To which I reply "When?" He goes "about two months ago" I then say "Uh, no. You commented on how your half sisters were considering going to Vegas for their b-day. Never once did you say-WE ARE GOING TO VEGAS. Never." Well wasn't I knocked to the floor when I also find out our rooms were already reserved. Plans made and I was utterly clueless thanks to Mr.man. He ALWAYS does things like this to me. He tells everyone in the whole freakin world but somehow omits me. Then since he's told a gazillion people he -in his mind- has told me as well. UGH!!!

Top: Cheapie from Marshall's (Heart Soul)
Jeans: True Religion
Shoes: Jessica Simpson Sabina
Bracelet: F21 (Similar)
Necklace: Codename Ivy

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