Saturday, November 28, 2009

A snowy Sat. Kinda. For a minute.

So I NEVER EVER EVER do a black Friday. Never! I always stay safe at home away from the maddness. It's just not worth it to me. So I thought that today it would be less hectic that I decided to go out to do some shopping. For myself. Yea, I know. I'm selfish. Whatever.

I wore a vintage plaid coat, jeans and a t-shirt and some vintage joan and david riding boots. It was raining so jeans and a tee were justified.

I go to Kohls because I had seen a coat I really liked online but unfortunatly they were sold out. So I go and look but no luck it's no where to be found. So sadness sets in. I had had my heart set on it. Boo.

I then head over to Old Navy becuase squishy wants to add a few scarfs to his collection and I wanted the creme coat I'd mentioned earlier. We do some shopping and he gets his rainbow of scarves and a sweater. I found an adorable coat for my neice and a Green Bay Packers thermal for Mr.mans nephew. We head for the back of the line. We get to the very back wall of the store and the end of the line was not there. It still curved around and back up!! The line was a huge U!! I get in line and we wait for 30 minutes. At the end of those 30 minutes we were barely to where the line curved back up. Hmm. I ask squishy do you really want those scarves. He says yes. HMM. If it weren't that I too really wanted this coat (and it was $39 today) I'd leave. So we wait, and wait, AND WAIT. We finally get to the front of the line after what felt like an eternity. So we get to a register and I start setting the items on the counter when I notice that the cute little coat for my neice was damaged!! I tell the cashier I will be right back and RUN to the back of the store. THERE"S NO MORE!! There were 4 left when I grabbed mine. Oh what freakin luck. So I run back up front and I don't get the pink coat. Bummed. Part duex.

After that we decided to go to Target for socks. I know, how exciting! We browesed the entire store and when we came out there was snow on the ground! WHAT!?!? Snow?? I think so. I look at the cars in the parking lot and there's that white stuff everywhere. We get to my car and I can't believe my eyes. When the H e double hockey sticks did that happen? It is not normal for it to snow here. Crazy. So we get in my car and start driving home when it just starts raining HARD. Then that hard rain turned to hail. I had had plans to stop off somewhere else but quickly changed my mind and just drove home.

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