Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No more chips

Today I had to do the grocery shopping. I needed the basics plus I needed to replenish spices and the such. The Boys actually joined me this time. When we passed the snack isle the boys headed straight for the chips and tried to pile in the usual 6+ bags that they always throw in. I am so sick of chips. They eat them all day long and Kid 1 is slightly overweight. Kid 2 and squishy are super slim which is weird being that they eat so much junk.
I told them nope, no way put those all back. No chips this week. All I am buying is fruit and veggies. They didn't complain because they actually love fruit and veggies. However if there are chips they bypass the fruit and eat the chips or cookies and the such. My boys have always liked veggies ever since they were babies. If there's no lettuce, tomato's or onions in their burger they get upset.
After we put all the groceries and misc. away I got to work on dinner. I hadn't made lasagna in a while and had requested it. That meal is so time consuming, but the result is absolutely delicious. I got the usual thumbs up after dinner. I was even able to get them to do the dishes for me. Yay.

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