Friday, July 10, 2009

Fa. fa. FRIDAY

Today was quite lame. Tommorrow we have a party to attend for my sisters nephew. Well he will be her nephew in a month. So I had to go get him a present. I am so lost when it comes to gifts. I get shoppers block. I don't know what to get ever. I look through the toy aisles but I don't dare get anything because what if he already has it? I look through clothes but I never know what size to get, what if the mom doesn't like it, what if I don't spend enough? UGH!! Well I ended up with half a dozen different things. I'll just ask my sister to choose what I should give the kid.
I was going to wash my car tonight but I instead ended up cleaning our stainless steel grill. I was going to cover it up but it was just so greasy and nasty that I just went for it. A long time later it was clean again. After I dried it off I put it's cover on. When got home he wanted burgers. I told him use the other grill not this one as I just spent forever on cleaning it. He got a huge smile on his face and gave me a kiss.

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