Friday, July 17, 2009

What a Friday

Okay, I guess today was the release of the new Ty beanies at McDonald's. Squishy is a beanie baby addict as he has hundreds and he has had this date on his calendar since he found out about it from the Ty website. So I promised that today we would go so he could get one. Kid 2 also got a happy meal so he could give his beanie to squishy. It was ridiculous. Grown adults are there arguing buying countless meals so they could get all thirty. Demanding that they get all thirty. Upset because they are already out of several of them. Ridiculous. I told squishy, watch they are all on eBay by now. So we got home and checked and sure enough there were already a bunch of listings. Whats crazy is that there were listings since the 10th. They weren't released until today the 17th. I told squishy it's probably the employees in one level of either the factory were they make them to the transportation and delivery or at the restaurant. Any one of those people had a chance to "disappear" some product and make a quick buck of of them. What sad is that its adults making money of of it and these TOYS are meant for kids. But these grown-ups are hording them and putting them up on eBay. Sad. It's the same way with hot wheels. Kid 1 loves hot wheels and has loved them since he was a baby. He has over a thousand of them that he has collected in all of his 13 years (many have gone to the thrift store or else he'd have countless more). He has played with every single one. But there were times when we would go to the store right when they were putting them up on the shelves and you'd have these grown old men push my kid to go through them first. I have had many a fight with these men. One time my son had a car he really wanted and a man snatched it from him. My kid was 6 at the time and he started crying I asked him why and he told me he had a green car he wanted and that man took it. I went up to that guy and went off on him. Didn't want to, but I will defend my kids to any level and he said its a treasure hunt and my kid was just going to waste it by opening it. Oh my god! I grabbed the car and opened it and handed the car to my kid. I said there now you can't sell it and my kid can play with it as it was meant to be. We went to the front paid for the cars and were on our way. I told my son that I never wanted to go through that again and if ever we were around when they were stocking the shelves we would come back later.
I will never understand those people.
Tommorrow I have two parties to attend. However they are scheduled pretty much at the same time. One is near Long beach and is a baptism/birthday for my husbands nephew which the mass starts at 3pm. The other is up in Victorville and it is for one of our closets friends son's birthday party. His party is scheduled at 4pm-8pm with the grown up get drunk party starting at 8pm to ?? wanted to go to his nephews thing and stay halfway through his party then drive all the way to victorville for that other party. He wants to take one of his sisters over there so she can get smashed before she starts chemo. (Isn't so smart? Of course I am being sarcastic). I told him I am not driving all the way over there to be a designated driver. If we go it is for the kid party so the boys can have fun. So we decided to split ways. He will go to the church and do his thing there, grab his sister and meet us up there. I will head to victorville with the boys. We would need two cars to get up there anyways since he wants his sister to join him. So that is done.

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