Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday 105 degrees

It is unbearably hot today. I had plans of things I was going to do today but have done none. I stepped outside and ran back in. My poor grass is dying and looks awful. My back yard is dead and the front yard is days away from being dead. I just got my edison bill and it was for 546.00. I have the thermostat right at 78 degrees. I can't wait for winter and hopefully the el nino they are predicting is true. I want it to be cold already. I am so over the heat.
What I ended up doing today is watching all the harry potter movies to freshen up so we can go see the new one. I still preferred the books over the movies but I can't not see the movies. I am hooked to harry potter and twilight. I feel like such a tween. Ha ha.

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