Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I have lost count

This morning called me because his bank card was declined. He asked me to check the bank and see what was going on. I was afraid someone had hacked our account. But when I checked it everything was fine. So why didn't his card work? I got dressed and headed out for the bank. I get there and I come to find out that when ordered the dodgers card they switched it from visa check card to mastercard check card. It just screwed everything up so his other card was deactivated. I checked mine and mine was still working. I got home and checked the mail and there where the new cards. Now I hope that when activates his dodgers card it doesn't mess with mine. I do not like the dodgers and I do not want a dodgers card. We'll see what happens.
I still have those awful headaches coming and going. The boys massage my temples and base of my neck and they go away completely. So I don't know whats wrong, but I am not seeing a dr. Everytime I see one they find something wrong with me. Enough is enough.

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