Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back in the kennel they go

We have lived in this home for three years now and never had a problem with the little outdoor dogs getting out. In the past year has acquired two boxer dogs. Ones now a year old and the other is now 6 months. I hate both of them. I don't hate the breed, I just hate these two. We had a male boxer for 8 years and last Sept. he passed away due to seizures. He was the best. I adored him and he adored me. However these two monsters are the most destructive I have ever encountered and is no help. I try to train them but he just says oh they are just babies don't be so mean to them. I tell him I trained our other boxer when he was a baby and he was the best. They chewed the sprinkler heads off in the back yard and he blamed the little ones. The male boxer is a major digger and he keeps digging holes big enough for the little ones to get out of the yard. He chews through metal! All our outdoor furniture is ruined, the screen door is ruined and I purchased another one but I have yet to put it on because I figured whats the point they'll destroy it right away anyways. Then indoors the carpet in the family room is stained because they insist running laps in there, vases have been broken and they dig in the trash. I have had to pick the little ones up from the shelter already. blames the little ones because they were the ones to get out, the boxer was just digging. had removed the kennel door over a year ago because of a bent pole and he had yet to replace or repair.
This morning I had a neighbor complain that the little dogs keep going in her yard and that was the last straw. I hadn't even noticed they had gotten out. So I go in the back and there were four new holes and he was working on the fifth. That was it. I went to home depot and bought what I knew I would need and when I got home I got to work. The kennel is now fixed and the dogs are back in it. I filled their pool up made sure their spigots are in working order and I shut the door. I see the boxer trying to dig already but he will just hit cement all the way around. HAHAHA. is going to be upset but oh well. I want my yard back!

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