Monday, July 6, 2009

Thank goodness the weekend is over.

This fourth of July could have been better. I know I wanted to stay home and not invite anyone, but it was not what I thought. I was bored out of my mind.

We were invited to a b-day party but I didn't know the time or who for. I kept asking Mr.Man and he kept giving me vague answers. He then would ask me so are we going or not? I would tell him well what time is the party? He would just respod with I don't know lets just show up. I did not want to just show up. He has done this to me many times. We have shown up on the wrong weekend, have shown up with a present for a baby and the party being for a teen, or a present for a boy and it be for a girl. It's so damn frustrating and he annoys the s**t out of me. So we didn't go.

Fireworks are banned in our city. Fortunately for us we can see the fireworks from my bedroom. That is great because we get to see the entire show without the crowds. We have had neighbors up here before because apparently we have the best view.

Sunday we again stayed home. We were waiting for his parents to show up and drop off his little car. When they showed up it turned out being a long visit. put steaks and ribs on the grills and His dad loves hot wings so I was asked to make some. After a long visit they finally headed home. I was relieved when they left. His mom was just exploring the house saying "OOO, I love this. I havent't seen this before. If you decide to get rid of this think of me. Blah,Blah, Blah." So annoying. Oh well.

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