Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday was worse

Sunday we had to go drop the siblings off. I didn't want to go because we would again have to go in two cars. said it would be messed up if I don't go since I did miss the baptism and I guess Sunday was the kids first b-day.
The family was in Carson at a relatives house. Mr.Mans Has 8 half siblings by his father. is the oldest of them all. His half siblings are from Sacramento.
Here's what happened, His half fam needed to leave at 6pm to get the girlfriend home by midnight because she is in summer school and can't be missing school. But yet they kept putting it off. I wanted to go home because it was already 7:30pm and I was tired and was not feeling well. and one of his brothers went to the store to buy some more sodas. While he was gone they told me why they didn't want to go home. I told them well why don't you kick the father out? Or why doesn't your mother move in with her sisters or rent a cheap home. Well after got back I told him lets go and he finally agreed to leave. After we got home I mentioned what I was told thinking that already knew but he didn't. So he calls the sister and tells her to come live with us. WHAT????? HELL NO. I don't think so. This is my house not a freaking hotel. just met these people one year ago. I really wish he had never met these people because they are mooches and expect to pay for everything. I really don't like them and I have shown it to them, so hopefully they will not take him up on his offer.

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