Monday, July 13, 2009

...AND IN THIS CORNER..........

Like I had mentioned before, Sunday we were going to go to the lake with some friends. It was a fine relaxing day, most of the time. The boys were having fun swimming and kid 2 took his fishing pole and went home with a large bass. However, the husband was treating his wife like crap. He kept belittling her, talking about her as if she weren't in the area or within earshot. Just plain treating her like crap. Hell no. If ever did that would have a fat lip. But the wife just would hang her head and do what her husband demanded and it was never perfect. It got to a point that I couldn't hold back. This woman is a really nice kind hearted person and for him to want to boss her around as if he were her master. HELL NO! I unleashed my fury. I let him have it this way and that way. He would tell me well she never does things like I tell her to. I would tell him then get off your ass, use your own damn hands and make it yourself to your standards. He then said that she was lazy. I asked him how can you say that? This woman works from 4:30 am to 4:30pm 4 days a week. Then she still comes home picks her kids up and takes them to the countless sport games/practices etc. Then he still expects her to come and make dinner, clean house and take a shower and go to bed at his schedule and after 3-4 hours of sleep start over. He says well on her days off she sleeps in all day blah blah blah. Oh and the worst cardinal sin in his eyes, she dares fall asleep without his permission or taking a shower. I told him maybe she prefers taking her showers in the morning. He says she needs to go to sleep clean. !?!?!!!! also would say his thoughts on the situation. He said, I'm not picking sides, but she's your wife not your child. said that when the husband said I can get the kids to do what I want them to do but I can't get her to do as I say. Lets just say it was a good 2+ hour discussion. The problem with that man is that he is one of those Hispanic Machistas. They believe Men are superior and the woman is their subservient. Just like if free to do as he wishes as he is his own man and an adult, I too am my own person with my own thoughts and free will. We are spouses. He is not my father nor am I his mother.

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