Friday, July 10, 2009

Thursday at V Garden

Thursday after came home we decided to drive out to V Gardens. wanted to go to the Pro Bass store and so I asked him to just drop me off at the shops. Kid 1 and squishy came with me and kid 2 went with
It was still hot in the evening. There was a slight breeze which made it nicer. We walked around going in and out of different store finding little things here and there. I went back into BeBe's even though I said I would never step foot in there again. Service was a better. I only found a dress and a new pair of shoes. After a while the boys and I were tired. We not only had a bunch of shopping bags by now but we also had my little girl and her travel case. I had never brought her out there before, but I had seen that alot of people take their dogs and the shops don't kick them out. So I thought she would enjoy the trip. She did okay. We were stopped alot and people admired her dress. Some people would say what a cute puppy. How wrong they were. She and her sister are turning 6 years old in a few days. That makes them about 42 years old I guess. I know I spoil my little girl. I used to spoil her sister as well, but she just got this nasty barky annoying attitude that I no longer spoil her as much. My old neighbor used to call them the twins as I always had them in matching dresses.
After a while called me to ask where I was at. I let him know that I was sitting in the shade near Game stop as the boys wanted to go in and I did not. So he met us there and we went out to dinner. I couldn't wait to go home.

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