Thursday, September 3, 2009

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the attention.

Today I wore a beautiful deep purple flowing vintage dress. IT'S BEAUTIFUL! I wore it with a black flower bib necklace that I crafted myself, a black belt and those Aldo shoes. I wore my hair in a cute messy ponytail. I also wore several black bangles.
Thursdays are minimum days at my kids school, so right after they got out we headed straight to V. Gardens for some shopping. My first stop was Bebe. I swear, as soon as I walked in all the sales people rushed to me, they kept asking me if I was being helped and they kept complementing me on everything. After my purchases They all said bye and have a good day etc. as I walked past them to the exit. I always knew appearance mattered in that store.
I continued my shopping trip going store to store and I kept getting compliments left and right not just from the store employees but from other shoppers. I felt awesome. It turns out I really like getting compliments. I eat them up. One guy asked me if he could follow me home (now that was creepy and a bit scary. Do I have a stalker now?).
After that we headed for home. As we were driving thru Redlands I remembered it was Market night. We used to go almost every Thursday when we used to live there. I was lucky enough to find parking right away as it was 5pm and the vendors were barely setting up. We walked around to the different shops and I found a couple really cute dresses. I didn't feel like carrying a bag already as we just got there that I asked the woman to put the dresses on hold. We continued on. We went in all the open stores, and by then the market night was ready for business. By the time we were done, we went to my car and headed home for a second time. Then about 15 minutes later it struck me. I forgot the dresses!! NO!! Oh well, I didn't feel like turning back, fighting to find a parking spot, blah blah. So I just kept going.
Now we are home, all our purchases are put away and it's time for bed.

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