Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wednesday one day late

Wednesday morning I woke up with a plan. After I dropped the older kids off at school I quickly got dressed and ready. I woke squishy up and asked him to dress nice because we were going to nice stores today.

I decided to wear a Max Azria dress. A gorgeous black dress with beautiful lace detailing. I paired it off with the YSL 105 Tribute Maryjane in black patent. I was going to go for color on my shoes but decided to go all black.

We dropped the the last kid off at school and went for a drive. Fortunately we don't live to far from the Desert hills premium outlets. We got there right when it opened at 10 am sharp. I parked right in front of BEBE (well it used to be BEBE now it's 2B BEBE). They had a sign that read all dresses $39.99. I checked the store out. I found two great dresses. One a deep red and the other all black (I like black A LOT!). I had $30 in BEBE rewards on my BEBE card which made one dress cost me only $9.99 + tax (8.75% tax now, how awful).

We hit all the good stores skipping over the lame ones. I found a nice DOLCE&GABBANA skirt. Its original price was $1,295 and I got it for half price. Yay! I saw a dress I really like there as well but unfortunately not in my size so I had to pass on that.

At Gucci they had several items I liked (a beautiful jaw dropping coat and a couple dresses), however the sales staff was a bit rude so I decided not to purchase anything.

Walked in to YSL and didn't find anything new. They had some nice handbags but I am not in the mood for new handbags right now.

By the time I was done shopping and it was time to go I had in my trunk; 1 skirt, 1 belt, 4 dresses (two from BEBE and 2 from BCBG MAXAZRIA) and a couple necklaces. Not a lot but it was fun. I skipped all the denim stores because it is so HOT right now that I am not drawn to jeans right now.

On the drive home squishy mentioned he was hungry and he wanted to go back to KFC's. I told him I would take him to El Pollo Loco instead. He said okay. We stopped off at one in a new shopping center off the freeway. It was empty with only and elderly couple eating in the corner. We ordered and I kid you not by the time we finished filling our drinks there was a long line of customers. Squishy got us a table towards the front and center of the restaurant. I wish we had chosen a different table. Lets just say that Thanks to a group of STARING men it was very uncomfortable and I rushed squishy to finish his meal so we could leave. As we were walking out I am surprised none of their necks snapped. UGH.

I remembered there was a way to bypass the freeway and get to the highway that takes us back home which probably saved us at least 10 minutes and we were home in no time.

After we unloaded the car and put the items away it was time to get the older kids. We jumped into my older car and were on our way again.

By 4:30 everyone was picked up and had had their after school meal. Now it was just time to wait for their Mom to come pick them up. After the neighbors kids were picked up and dinner was made I had to go run a couple errands. Mr man called to ask me to get him pens and a few other items. He was out of them and he wanted me to get him more. Off we go to the office supplies store. I bought him 5 boxes of his favorite pens plus the other items he had asked for. We then went to Target to get other items we needed around the house.

By 8pm my day was done.

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