Tuesday, May 12, 2009


After Monday comes Tuesday..........

Today Squishy and I went shopping again. I decided to wear one of the dresses I got yesterday at Marshall's. I paired it off with my BEBE ESTELLE sandals in black. I love these shoes. I got them in all three colors available. They are very similar to GUCCI's IMAN Sandal (when I find them in my size in black I am getting those as well!)

Like I had mentioned before there really are not many places to choose from. Today we went to Ross. Ho-hum. We spent a good hour there just trying stuff on but I didn't like a thing. He didn't find anything either so we left pretty much empty handed. I did get a shirt for Mr man though. So not a total loss.

Squishy was hungry and he wanted to go to KFC for that grilled chicken they are promoting the hell out of. I don't know, I didn't really like it but he loved it. He finished his entire meal consisting of a breast, wing, biscuit and two sides of mashed potatoes with gravy. That's a lot of food for a 10 year old but somehow he finished every bite.

We refilled our drinks before leaving and I was talked into going to the salvation army. I hate that place. It's a huge store built brand new a few years back specifically for the Salvation Army thrift store. I hate it because it SMELLS! This is how "yucky" this store is, they have a note on the fitting room in bold letters reading, "The fitting room is NOT a restroom". I get chills just thinking about it. There is no way I am stepping foot in that fitting room. EVER. Squishy looked at the brick a brack and bought himself a brand new science kit. He payed and we ran back to the safety of my car and breathed in the fresh berry smelling air.

By then it was close to 1pm so our day had ended. We came home relaxed for a few minutes then it was time to pick the older boys up from school.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays I watch my neighbors kids. I was asked in November if I'd do them the favor. I like those kids alot so I said no problem. I take them to school in the morning and pick them up after school and she picks them up at 5pm sharp. Her older one goes to the same school as my older two and her younger one goes to the same school as my youngest one. However he is on a different track so he is going to school right now.

Today the older one said he had band practice until 4pm so he needed me to pick him up at that time. So I picked my older two up and we went to the local market to buy stuff for dinner. I had to pick my neighbors younger one up from school at 3;15 then shortly after her older one at 4pm. I made them lunch and at 5pm sharp their mom came, thanked me and they went on their way.

My day is almost over. I just need to tidy up, do a bit of laundry, make dinner and done.

So until tommorrow.......

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