Thursday, May 14, 2009

The roller coaster known as Thursday

Today was one of those up and down days. I woke up feeling awful. All my joints ached and my head hurt. I took the kids to school and when I got home I knew I had to go upstairs to my room to get dressed and ready for the day, but as I stared up at those 19 steps I froze. Just thinking about it gave me the shivers. If it was a wrap around staircase it wouldn't be too bad but these 19 steps just go straight up. But as I was staring up it seemed more like 100 steps than 19.

I finally made it up to my room and got dressed. I put on some jean Capri's and a purple tank top. I slipped on some white vans with black polka dots and I was done. My attire fit my mood.

Shortly there after I received some really sad news which made my mood get even worse. Now I really wanted to go into a dark room, close my eyes and never get up. However squishy had other plans. He wanted to go out. I had promised to take him to a new pizza place for lunch. Well it's new to us. I thinks it's been open since last summer. I just have never been tempted to go since I don't really like pizza. He got really sad when I told him that I planned to just stay home all day.

One hour later there we were at the big cheese. I wasn't hungry at all. I just sat there staring at my food and playing with the olives in my salad like a little kid. Squishy ate and ate and ate. He must be getting ready for another growth spurt the way he's been eating lately. I decided to check my email and I had one from Fed-ex saying my package had been delivered and left at my front door. Just recently I have had two packages stolen off my door step. So I told squishy it was time to go. We raced all the way home and there it was on the doorstep safe and sound.

It always feels like Christmas as I open a package. Silly I know, but it's true. I checked the shoes and they were perfect. These are the ones I ordered on Monday. The Harajuku Lovers in red and black.

I paid some bills then it was time to get my older boys. When we got home I realized that our lawn was shaggy and over grown. Hadn't the boys mowed it yet? I mentioned just that to them and they said they had forgotten. I told them to do it in a couple hours and they said that they would do so.

I went upstairs and got some of Mr mans clothes ready for the cleaners and the rest I threw in the washing machine. After I got back from the cleaners I again reminded the boys to mow the lawn. I went back up to my room, cleaned and organized our closet.

When I came down to throw the lemon marinated chicken in the oven I checked the lawn and realized they had not done it. I blew my top and went and mowed it my self. Ridiculous. A house full of men and the only chick in the house has to mow the lawn. Ugh! The chicken was delicious though.

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