Monday, May 11, 2009

Today like any other day

My first blog! How exciting. Obviously my real name is not Ivy, nor is it even my nickname. I want to be incognito, my friends always seem to find me otherwise. Ahh, freedom to express my true feelings and thoughts. Hoorah!

Well, today was like most of my days. Woke up, took the older kids to school, came back home to watch the local morning news. My little recent double digit baby is off track so he's sleeping in. Mr man starts work late today so I guess I have to make him breakfast. I can't stand breakfast. It's the smelliest meal of the day. Why can't he like cereal??

After Mr man left for work little squishy and I got dressed. I want to wear my new wedges I just bought yesterday that happen to be a happy bright yellow. They are by Harajuku Lovers. First time buying this brand. I have a few LAMB shoes but had never found a Harajuku pair that I liked until now. If these don't kill my feet I'll go out and get the red pair and black pair. I found a cute Brand new layer ruffled skirt in my closet still with tags on (typical)to wear and after much digging I found a see through yellow tank to pair it off with. I had to wear a black tank under so I wouldn't freak all the old people off. After adding my accessories and completing the make-up and hair I was ready to go out........and went to the thrift stores. That is pretty much the only "fun" thing to do in this town. We shopped, (Well actually squishy shopped, tons of little knick-knacks that always end up getting re-donated to the same thrift store later) till we dropped. That took all of maybe 30 minutes.

I decided to go to Marshall's and see if anything popped out at me saying "BUY ME!!". I found 3 beautiful dresses and spent just a few cents under $80! One of the dresses I purchased was a gorgeous Calvin Klein that I had seen just the day previous at Macy's on clearance for $106. I was tempted to buy it yesterday but opted to purchase two others instead. Now I am glad I did for I found it at Marshall's on clearance for $39.99. Wonderful! Even at their full price which was $59.99 was a bargain. So I walked out of that store happy.

Squishy was hungry so we went through the golden arches drive thru and got him a happy meal. It was already after 1 pm and the older boys would be getting out of school soon so our day of shopping had come to an end.

After I picked the boys up from school I remembered we needed some bread. We went to the closest market near our house. While there I ran into a neighbor and I gave her my excuse for skipping out on not only Friday's but also Sunday's plans. I didn't lie. She didn't seem upset so I do feel better.

Now home I have kicked off my shoes (I will be ordering the other two pairs in a few minutes) and decided to start my own little blog. How fun for me. Maybe not so much for you. I know I am shallow but I am me and I am quite happy with me and I have no plans of changing.


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