Monday, May 18, 2009

The Weekend was boring

As the title says my weekend was boring.

Sat. I was asked to watch the neighbors kids again. She had to work mandatory overtime and couldn't get out of it. That meant I'd be stuck pretty much at home all day. I have coupes which both are really 4 seaters but we can squeeze 5 in them because of the extra seat belt in back. In the newer one its REALLY a squeeze. However 6 is not possible.

The older one of my neighbors kids, "A" , had a ball game and couldn't miss it. Game started at 11:30 but A needed to be there at 10:30. I had to leave my oldest at home due to not fitting in the car.

We were at the field until 1:30 or so. It was ridiculously hot the whole time. A was happy because they won their game (sadly not with his help). After they announced the all stars and team meeting ended we headed back home.

I was so drained by the sun and heat that I just wanted to go to sleep when I got home. However, my shirt was all sweaty and I stank so I had no choice but to get myself upstairs to shower and change.

Shortly after 3pm their mom came and to pick them up. After a few minutes of small talk they left.

Mr man them called me that they would be driving through in a few minutes and could I please have some lunch ready for them. I told him do you see a drive thru sign on our lawn?? I sure as hell don't. He goes please. I told him fine, but it's just going to be either hot dogs or build your own sandwiches. He goes that's fine.

So they opted for the build your own sandwiches. I laid all the different deli meats, cheeses, bread and other items on the island. I also put out a few bags of chips. So when they got here I just handed them all a plate and they made their own lunch.

I hate when he does this to me. I used to go all out. I would buy flank steak for the grill, make macaroni, potato and green salads, buy beer and baked beans. However it happens every time they go riding that I am tired of the expense and mess. All the other guys have homes and wives. Why can't they go there for a change? Why, because they are smarter than Mr man I guess. Next time it'll be pb and j sandwiches.

Sunday we slept in until 9:30. We rented the movie "Taken". We just stayed indoors with the AC full blast all day. Nothing special.

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